Hardware door and window pulleys should be how to choose?

2023-12-29 22:36

1. Material: the material of the pulley directly affects its service life and sliding effect. Generally speaking, stainless steel and aluminium alloy is the most common pulley material, of which, stainless steel pulley wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, but the price is higher; aluminium alloy pulley price is moderate, and light weight, but wear resistance is slightly worse.

2. Brand: choose a well-known brand of pulley, can guarantee its quality and after-sales service. Well-known brands of pulleys in the design and manufacturing process have strict quality control, the use of more assured.

3. Specifications: the specifications of the pulley need to match the size of the doors and windows. If the specification of the pulley is too big or too small, it will affect the opening and closing and sliding effect of the doors and windows.

4. sliding mode: the sliding mode of the pulley has a single wheel sliding and double wheel sliding two kinds. Single-wheel sliding pulley structure is simple, but easy to generate noise when sliding; double-wheel sliding pulley structure is complex, smoother sliding, and less noise.

5. Load capacity: the load capacity of the pulley needs to be matched with the weight of the door or window. If the load capacity of the pulley is not enough, it may cause the door or window not to open or slide properly.

6. Noise: High-quality pulleys produce little or no noise when sliding. If you choose a pulley and find that it makes a noticeable noise when sliding, then this could be a sign of a quality problem with the pulley.

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