2023-08-29 MLDMETAL loaded a windows roller container

2023-08-29 18:13

sliding door wheel

The details of foreign trade orders for door and window pulleys may include the following:

1:windows and door Pulley specifications: including detailed technical parameters such as the size, material, and bearing type of the pulley.

2:Packaging : Describe the packaging method of the pulley, such as carton packaging, plastic bag packaging, etc., and may include packaging details, such as shockproof, moisture-proof, etc. requirements.

3:Price : specify the price, payment method, and price validity period, etc.

4:Delivery Time: Specify the delivery time of the windows and door pulley.

5:Transportation method: Describe the transportation method of the pulley, such as sea, air or land transportation, etc., and may include specific requirements during transportation, such as safety, insurance, etc.

6:Quality requirements: Describe the quality requirements for windows and doors pulleys, such as surface treatment, precision requirements, wear resistance, etc.

7:Certificate of Origin: A certificate of origin may be required to demonstrate the origin of the pulley.

8:Pulley use: Describe the use and usage scenarios of pulleys, such as opening and closing devices for doors and windows.

9::Other additional terms: may include other additional terms related to the order, such as claims, liability for breach of contract, dispute resolution, etc.

These details are crucial to the smooth completion of foreign trade orders for door and window pulleys. Before signing the contract, both parties should carefully check and confirm every detail to ensure the accuracy of the terms of the contract and the protection of the rights and interests of both parties.

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